There used to be a time when kids were as innocent as doves. Now that times have changed, so have the children. The cute and demure kids that they once used to be have become much more adventurous and smart. Kids are always on the lookout for a vacation to have fun and enjoy their holidays to the fullest. You must be thinking of what to do in the case when they demand for a fun-filled weekend from you. Well, what you can do is you can take them for a vacation or a weekend getaway if the time and money it takes, allows you to do so. And, if it doesn’t then too you can make your child happy by taking them to a beautiful water park or Water Slide of your city. Confused much as to where to go? Well, don’t be because we have a list of the coolest water parks from around the world.



So, without much further ado let’s discuss these Water Parks and Water Resorts that will be bliss in disguise for your kid and content in disguise for you. Let’s get going, shall we?

  • Beijing’s Happy Magic Water Club

This one is probably the best indoor water park that you will ever see. This one is made out of the aquatic center that was launched during the Beijing Olympics. It is gigantic and the best place to be visited with the kids.

  • Ohio’s Splash Cincinnati

This one completely justifies its position at number two. It is in the beautiful city of Cincinnati, Ohio and the best part about this place is that it not just has Water Park but Water Resort as well. If you stay in or around Ohio, then this should certainly be on your weekend getaway list.

  • Oregon’s Evergreen Wings and Waves Waterpark

If you are a space or air fan, then this one would be probably the best water park for you. The best part of this place is that the Evergreen Museum has very creatively turned a Boeing aircraft into a brilliant and stunning water slide.

  • Texas’ Schlitterbahn South Padre Island Water Park

This place, Schlitterbahn, is renowned for the number of water parks it has and the kind of quality they have, but still, South Padre Island Water Park is considered to be the best one. The reason behind the same is its super-amazing beach front water park.

  • Italy’s Citta Del Mare Hotel

If you think this is yet another natural water park of your city, then you are highly mistaken because this one won’t just be a ride but an experience. Situated on the Sicily coast, this water slide will land you straight into the mammoth Mediterranean Sea. If this kind of adventure is your thing, then this is THE ride custom-made for you.

So, that was all about the coolest water parks and Water Resort for your children from around the world. Make sure that you take them to these Water Parks so that they also can have their share of adventure. Happy sliding!

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