Looking forward to spending some quality time with your Family Fun and Entertainment? Come down to Splash Cincinnati Water Park for a wet & wild holiday. Check out all of our packages and pick the one that suits you, your family and friends the best. Irrespective of your age, we have something for everyone in your family. Make the most of your day at the indoor water park, with four-story water slides, private party rooms, and a thrilling video arcade. Visit the Indoor Water Park In Cincinnati Ohio complete with palm trees, splashes of bright colors, and a year-round 84-degree climate.

Summer time is the way of sunbathing on the seashore, picnicking along with your household and having fun with the outdoors and water parks. Naturally, this means spending extra time in the sun and trying to beat the scorching weather and it becomes crucial that you keep yourself hydrated.

Here are few ways you can stay hydrated while visiting a water park:

Start the day with at least on glass of water of juice
To stay healthy, your body needs proper hydration. It becomes even more important for the young kids as they may get too involved in the activities and might not remember to drink enough water. Make sure your children drink at least one glass of water or juice before hitting the water park rides. Orange juice is a good source of Vitamin C and helps protect the body against infections.

One hour rule
Make sure to carry a water bottle in your waterproof tube/bag. It will help you remember that you need to drink water every hour or so. Depending on the age, you need from six to eight glasses of fluid in a day, it might be more as you are exercising in warm weather.

Not too much water
Waterparks are more like workout places; your will burn more calories as you are pushing your body against the water. So make sure you drink just enough water to keep you hydrated, too much water can make you uncomfortable and might end up missing some fun.

Avoid dehydrating foods
Excess of everything is bad so too much of coffee, popcorn, and oily food.

Splash Cincinnati is one of the best indoor Waters Parks in Ohio. With an area of 50,000, Square Feet is complete with palm trees, splashes of bright colors, and a year-round temperature of 84-degree. Make the most of your indoor water park adventure with our four-story water slides, water racers, private party rooms, Kids Birthday Parties, and an exciting video Arcade Games experience.


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